Friday, July 29, 2011

Question and answer time..

Since I don't have too much new going on right now..I thought I would do a question and answer post.

If you have a something to ask..comment or email me and I will do my best to answer you since I know I have a lot I have skimmed over without going into detail.

I'm an open book go for it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Not much has been going on the past few weeks.

Recap on a few things..

Robert and lunch was normal. We talked about work and nothing important,but he made sure to tell me if I needed "assistance" with let him know. Haha..I was completely expecting that one. It's not going to happen though..I have enough going on.

Jeff and I have gotten together a few times. He is a no nonsense guy..straight to the point with no chit chat..then acts like I'm just a buddy hanging out and nothing happened..he is very good at it too. I like that about him. No pressure at all.t

I'm still doing my thing with Jon. We hang out mostly when I have free time,but not much in the past few weeks.

I also haven't seen William or Josh much this month at all.

Guess I'm losing steam a little..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost a year..

I realized its getting close to my year mark for my blog and it's crazy how different I feel now compared to when I started this process. All night I was thinking how I have completely become used to how I've been living now..just doing as I please. I enjoy it and I'm good at it. I am living two opposite ways of life at the same time. At home I am an awesome dad and good husband..even with our problems. I do all the things I need to do to keep everything running smooth. I love that part of my life. On the other side of it all..I love my experiences with the men I get involved with. It fullfills a need the I have come to except as a permanent part of me. I am comforted in the fact that there are others like me and I'm not crazy..I'm truly a normal human being and that's it. That's all I really needed to know. I still have my daily struggles..some days are good some days are bad and I still have some shit in my past that I haven't worked through ..but I have come to except that as well and everyday that goes by I will understand more and let old shit go. I'm so glad I started this blog..its helped more than I ever thought it could.

Anyway ..I will write more later.

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Robert and I talked this morning. He apologized for the other day and how he should have not said anything since I have obviously moved on from my past. He said he wouldn't have liked it if it was the other way around. I told him it was no problem. He wants to take me to lunch and promised it was not a ploy for getting into my pants. I just said sure and left it at that. So..lunch with an ex client tomorrow..that should be interesting. He was a good client. I remember meeting up with him about three times i think and he tipped very well..that I remember. All this has made me realize how many guys I've slept's a lot. I'm surprised I don't run into them more..but most were out of towners....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Shit

I know I haven't posted in a while..but things got a little crazy the past few weeks. Here are the main points..there are a few more but I don't have time today.

My wife and I were out with friends recently and a friend of mine brought a very attractive friend of his along named Jeff. We were pretty far into the night and blasted out of our minds when Jeff came up next to me at the bar. Now let me point out that there was immediate eye fucking between us since he got there and as the night rolled along we were talking more and more. Anyway the bar he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder and gave me his business card and told me to call him. Of course the next day I did. We met up a few days later had a couple beers and helped each other 'relieve a little stress' as he calls it. He has a great body and awesome dick..I am a little infatuate by this one. He is a commercial and damn hot. This will be a good one.

Next on my crazy my crazy life is Robert. He is a sales guy where I work and I interact with ever day. When I first started a few months ago I remember him looking at me funny..almost trying to place me and surprised at the same time. I didn't give it much thought at the time..he is decent looking but not really my type since he is a lot older and a little overweight ..which is ok on some guys but it does not look good on him. Well last week I was in his office and he smiled and asked if I remembered him from this certain hotel. I just looked at him as my stomach dropped and a cold sweat all came back to me. I just sighed and said I do now and made up some excuse to leave the office. He hasn't brought it up again and he has been extremely professional since I'm going to let it go for now. It was just one of the weird uncomfortable moments. This one is not over..I know that. I will post more about this guy later.

That's it for now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Public Restroom

It has been a good week, but I am looking forward to the weekend. I am going hiking with Jon tomorrow. We will most likely do some inappropriate things.

A weird thing happened this week. I stopped someplace after work to pick up a few things and had to pee. A guy was on there at one of the two urinals so I went up to the other. After a second I noticed in my peripheral vision the dude had a hard on..all out and not trying to hide it. I thought..holyshit..and tried to casually get a better look. He turned towards me a little and I looked over at him. He wasn't good looking but not gross I just smiled and looked down at his erection for a good look. It was very nice looking. I realized ..with slight embarrassment for some reason..that I was getting hard too since I was just standing there holding myself. I looked back up at the guy and he was smiling and intently looking my now almost full erection. I was not sure what to I stood there like a fool. Then he reached over and grabbed hold of my dick and started squeezing and stroking it. I looked back down at his and reached over and started doing the same to his. After about 30 seconds I was cumming right there in a public bathroom by the hand of some stranger..then he came too. I just looked at him in complete silence. He said thanks man..shoved his dick away and went to the sink. I stood there until he left and did the same. I'm still surprised by the whole encounter. It was not something that I planned on doing..but it happened. Fucking crazy. How do I get into these situations?

Oh least it makes for an excellent post.

I will be thinking about this for a while..

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I had this dream last night .. I was rich and living in a penthouse in New York with my wife. It was dark and sterile..with everything in its place. I was miserable..but I had everything anyone would want so I couldn't figure out why I hated it so much. Then my wife found out about my attraction to men and everything erupted into quiet confusion..helicopters started taking off from the roof with our belongings and everything melted away. All I remember seeing at one point were the stars and feeling the silence. I knew it was over. Then I was standing alone in the daylight in front of a small house on a beachy type field. It was simple with not much inside..but I was happy.