Friday, July 29, 2011

Question and answer time..

Since I don't have too much new going on right now..I thought I would do a question and answer post.

If you have a something to ask..comment or email me and I will do my best to answer you since I know I have a lot I have skimmed over without going into detail.

I'm an open book go for it.


  1. What do you think is the biggest issue keeping you from straight out coming out?

  2. I'm gonna ask a question that doesn't require a verbal answer....How 'bout a photo?

    Make it as revealing or non revealing as you like. From a close up of your pinky toe, to full face with frontal nudity. I'll take the latter if you want my preference.

  3. I am an average guy, no overweight - but well over 40 (not just 41). Could you imagine being happy with somebody much older than you?
    (I don't live in your country, so we'll never meet. Just asking you because I can't ask the right guy.)

  4. Who are the guys in your life right now? What are you doing?

  5. What role do you play in your "relationships" with these men? Passive, active or equal?

  6. You're married to a girl but attracted to guys... are you completely happy in the state you're in?

  7. Are you going to blog any more? Should I remove your blog from my blog list?

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  9. Will you ever come out to your wife?

  10. I remember the fake character, Ali G, asking someone: "so who's better; men or women?" - btw the person answered rather sternly "what do you mean 'better' "? to which he replied semi-innocently "as in one is worse and the other is better"


    But I put the question to you (in a serious way) - do you have a preference?

  11. I just realized I read through the entire length of your blog in one sitting. Wow.

    But as for questions; When are you going to write again? It's been almost a year and a half since this was posted. Hopefully your alright over there, mate.

    Oh, and what's your favorite color, band (or other musical artist), ice cream flavor and sexual activity. Don't mind my nosiness.

  12. Hi, I'm really interested in your life and also in you.
    I really hope you start writing once again, I really draw some inspiration from your story...
    Please come back! And also I wanna talk to you yourself personally... :)

    I'm a dude lol haha

  13. hey you kinda just up and left without so much as a goodbye :( you are greatly missed. hope you are ok where ever you are. xo

  14. I've done a lot of reading blogs from men who are married and gay, bi or bi-curious. As a wife to a husband who had a marital rumspringa During my second pregnancy and postpartum healing, I can tell you that you are doing both yourself and your wife a huge disservice. In the end the lying will be the things that is the hardest part for your wife to cope with.

    If she loves you. Even if she no longer loves you but has an ounce of compassion, she can come to a place of peace about the man you choose to become. Understanding why you would make her life and yours a lie for years will be her undoing.

    You see every year that she is with you, is a year that she is living a lie and her love is being misspent. You write so often about how you are not ready to turn your life upside down. However, whenever you decided to tell her, that will be the start of her coping.

    Presumably she got married to you because she had the hope of building a life-long partnership with a man who loved and cared for her above all others. While you may love and care for her, it is not above all others. Not above your own desires. And if that is who you choose to be then that is fine. However the longer you delay disclosure, the longer she lives in a marriage that lacks true intimacy. By denying her the information you are denying her the opportunity to heal and move on to seek out a love relationship that has the potential to be what your relationship with her can never be.

    I know plenty of women who are happy to be in an open relationship or marriage and perhaps that would prove to be an ideal mate for you. Perhaps once your marriage ends you will only want sex with men. Those life choices will be for you to sort out.

    However at the moment you are holding your wife hostage. The potential for her to be in a relationship with a man who desires her sexually and is satisfied by her desire for him, that is something you by definition can not offer your wife. You have come to a place where you are sure that sex with men is an integral part of how you will move forward. With that knowledge, to screw her over by denying her this new information so that yo can get all of your ducks in a row is a cowardly act. It isn't like you are delaying disclosure so that her future after the disclosure will be secure.

    I mean in this period of non disclosure, if you were feverishly working so that your community assets were paid off and transferred into her name so that she had as much security and comfort for the tough time that lie ahead of her. That course of action might be defensible.

    As far as I can tell you made sexual choices that impact you both, to please yourself without including her in that process. Those sexual choices have lead you to a place where you are confident that you want something other than the marriage that you started with. Now instead of disclosing this change in circumstance to her, you are again withholding disclosure because you are not ready. At what point in this process are you going to look at her, her needs, her potential for a life after you, and place hr needs first?

    Feel free to read about life on the flip side of this equation.

  15. hey, where are you now? i miss you.. please come back..

  16. Are you still alive Christian? A lot of us would like an update.